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Self healing for health and wealth
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Healthiness, bliss and inward peace are preconditions for a fulfilled life available for all of us. It is a great honour and a big joy for me to accompany you during your growth and development of your self-healing forces. As a healer and interior decorator, I will decorate your inner and outer rooms. May all your skies be blue ones, May all your dreams be seen May all your friends be true ones, And all your joys complete ~ May happiness and laughter Fill all your days for you Today and ever after May all your dreams come true. (Irish Blessing)
-felt Welcome
Aura healing The aura surrounds our body like an invisible second skin. It consists of several layers representing feelings or thoughts. All layers are cooperating and also affect the body. A healthy aura is floating calmly and permanently. It‘s able to harmonize itself. We are protected and balanced, always supplied by fresh energy. Jams or injuries of the aura result in pathologies. It is the aim of my healing activity to enable a free floating self- healing of the aura being able for self-healing by prayers, chants and Aura Soma. Harmonization of habitats We all wish to have at home an oasis of tranquillity and relaxation and on our working place full concentration. Not always it is possible to fill habitations, houses and working places with positive energies because of interferences like water veins, geomantic causes or electro smog and particularly radiation by cell towers. They do not only affect on the atmosphere of a place in a negative way, but also can be harmful for our health. In a single remote healing, I harmonize in a permanent way the radiation of your habitat to power and healing energies by forces of the spiritual world. Please send me a picture of the desired object with the address. The quality of the picture is not important. I only need the license plate of your car to harmonize it. On an appointed date you can be present to make the experience of the harmonization. I was told that warmth, light or nice feelings can happen.
Welcome to Lichtquelle (source of light)
Divine Alignment Divine alignment works with the power of the universal spirit to dissolve conflicts between the spirit and the soul. These long standing conflicts are responsible for lop-sided posture and abnormalities in the body. The healing process manifests itself within seconds, is painless, and is performed without physical contact with the participant. The result is immediately obvious.... a straight pelvis, symmetrical shoulder blades, equal length legs, and a straight spinal column. The body conforms to the new divine system which enables you to maintain or recover your physical and psychological health. Lasting effect: The spinal column is instrumental in supplying the organs with their needs. Divine Alignment is the most important tool for all types of medical conditions. Back complaints, scoliosis, migraines, tension, joint ailments, and organ diseases are all influenced positively. After the Divine Alignment has taken place and the blockades have been removed, the self healing can be seen clearly as in the case with the spinal column. There are no limits to the power of self healing except those limits which the free will sets itself. Divine Alignment can be performed per participant only once. Since the cause and not the symptoms is treated, its effect is permanent. Activating the self-healing powers: Before the appointment time each participant should give themselves about two and one-half hours time to take part in a preliminary talk. After the talk the individual medical complaints of each participant will be documented as well as the length of the legs will be measured, marked, and photographed. The procedure can take place with the participant either in a sitting or lying position. Immediately after the Divine Alignment has been performed, equal lengths of the legs and the marks on the feet will be clearly visible. Each participant will be given a personalized certificate along with his or her ‘before and after’ photos. Each will also receive Reiki-energy to clean the aura and rejuvenate the body. If requested, one’s mobile telephone will be freed from interference. Divine Alignment for children: Children respond particularly well to Divine Alignment. Babies should be treated before they learn to walk. Treatment is also possible while still in the womb, thereby making the pregnancy, the birth, and the child’s start in life easier. In this way many problems with bad posture and the resulting symptoms will not develop. Divine Alignment for animals: Treatment is also offered for your 4-legged friends. They profit from this treatment as much as we humans do. Distant Healing: The Divine Alignment works just as well from a distance. All you need do is send me a photo and make an appointment.
Karen Tiedemann Reikimaster FengShui Consultant Shaman Healer Hypnosis Therapist Chiropodist Interior Designer My holistic way of working balances body, mind and soul. Influenced by the wonderful research of Chuck Spezzano, I incorporate familial constellations and sense with each client his individual way. I offer individual sessions, rituals and trainings. As a decorator I beautify your home. For the foot care I come to your home. Rieloh 8 • 25355 Heede Telefone 0049 41 23 - 9390043 Mobil 0049176 - 200 11 0 11
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